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Know Your Why?!..

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"Does turning 30 hurt?!" I see this joke of a question all the time! And my answer is Yes and No! Approaching the end of my twenties hasn't been my story book transition! Not wanting to take baggage into the next decade. It was therapeutic for me to actually "let go", put pen to paper and be done with each struggle that lead me to question my life choices.

* Being single is OKAY

* Being in a different career is OKAY

* NOT having children Right now is OKAY

I finally came to peace with letting God be in control and not only when it's convenient for Me, or when I've messed up beyond my control.

Getting rid of my LIST has been an ongoing battle but I'm still not sure if it's necessary for me to fully part ways with it. However it can't control my entire life

I Learned that God's Timing and plan is always better. And to take control and be productive in the phase of life that I'm in; not rushing or judging my own process. It's easier said than done but once my second engagement ended with me being Single I had to take a solo walk with God a figure somethings out.

Struggling Butterfly came from that walk! I'm still on the journey but I'm comfortable and at peace.

And my subtitle sums up my life- "20 Something: memoir of Love, Anxiety and Breakthrough". The seven chapters are have more detail on those three things.

We heal by way of discussion. And in that moment can help someone else. My book is to help you identify your own struggles, or at least start a conversation on topic mention in the chapters.

In short! That's why I wrote this book 💛🦋

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