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Above it All

During these times it’s difficult to find peace and keep a sound mind.

Ladies, How are you okay? If your anything like me I’m a huge Empath: An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of feeling those emotions themselves, and My Anxiety is also at an all-time high right now, so I took a mental health day. Social media has become hectic and the news is a drag but we don’t always get the privilege to stop and process the overwhelming emotions.

So if you can sneak a few minutes away, get a few deep breaths, or just unplug from the media! Do It!!!! It’s not ignoring the issues that are happening but in order to be productive and effective. But you can’t do too much to fast or it won’t come out how you envisioned.

How have you Loved on yourself? Self-care and Mental health days are so important now!

Read, watch your favorite shows, listen to music, eat favorite meals/snacks. Go for a walk, get some sun.

I’ve started calling Wednesday’s- Winged Wednesday! I want to encourage women to be mindful of their wings.

To know that every day is a chance to unlearn the things that hold you back. You have to rid yourself of all negativity so you can use your wings.

I believe this season we are in is obe of TRANSFORMATION!

We are powerful and capable to change anything in our life. We should welcome and embrace a healthy change; letting go of old habits that no longer serve us for the greater good.

Accepting the necessary changes that will take place and letting go of fear. Every day we grow beautiful and strong.

As Free as a Butterfly.

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