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Hi! I'm AmberLisa

A native from Chattanooga, TN,  known for her love of children and her thriving business Little Giggles, a growing Nanny & Babysitting Service. Educating children and assisting families have always been her number one priority and career. 

A close second has been writing rather poems, short stories, or journaling. She has always had a way with words and the ability to capture emotions by way of pen and paper. Her writings serve as a safe space for her daily thoughts, pain, and escape from reality. Allowing her to find the answer to Love, Anxiety and Breakthrough.

Everyone needs an outlet and when you don't feel like talking writing is the creative way to go. 

Stepping out of her comfort zone, she wants to motivate, and encourage those that may be struggling with the same issues. Creating an avenue for conversation amongst family, friends, and co-workers.  A safe space for everyday issues that are more complex than society or media would lead you to believe.

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