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It's Your Turn

Hate having Anxiety? Relationships seem good until they aren't anymore? Scared to go see a therapist?Tired of double standards and the Friend Zone? Or maybe you are considering Celibacy/ abstaining until you find The One? Healing from past trauma?

Finally know your own worth, doubled it + added tax!

"sometimes it take everything falling apart before they can come together"- how many times have we all heard that one? Well it was certainly true for me and I'm thankful for being broken and given time to heal, and now back better than ever. If that sounds like the road your headed to or been down before-

Struggling Butterfly is the Book for you! Take a self care day and enjoy this nice relatable, reassuring read! Becoming comfortable within transition is easier said than done! Within the 8 chapters you will find my process in healing and growth. Each chapter is geared to start a conversation,or get you thinking about your own life/ relationship! I will share list and stories of things that allowed me to get safe and settled in my own skin/ story.

I want to share that journey with you!

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