Keyboard and Mouse

Publishing Services

Book Cover

  • Book sleeve

(front + back + spine) 

Book Aesthetic

Your Book's overall:

color palette.


design system.


tone of voice.

(used for social media & marketing)

Edits & Proof reading

Get a second pair of eyes on your work before printing.​

grammatical and wording structure edits.  

Social Media

  • Setting up Your “Author” or “book page” on

Facebook and Instagram

  • Branding Kit- Colors, Symbolism, and Fonts

  • Topics and Photos


Instant Download:

this is an "Are you ready to PRINT?" Checklist.  After you have written all the material. Now lets Double check, and take care of all Legal aspects.

Price $10.00

Book Formatting

Formatting results in paragraph aligning and spacing, along with word and letter spacing.

  • Partnering with Darius Jenkins of DariusCreates!

Book Identity

Your logo

+ we will discuss the following:

  • How do you want to be perceived?

  • What is my brand promise? etc....

Interior Pages

Gather all information for all additional pages:

  • Title

  • *Copyright 

  • Dedication(optional)

  • Introduction 

  • Synopsis

  • Author Photo + Bio ​


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